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We’re offering wide range of marketing services from design to strategy. All services are customizable to meet your personal needs. Pricing is flexible and project-based. Following are some examples of the topics we can help you with. 

Social Media

Social media has become an integrated and inseparable part of every modern marketing strategy. If you are not on social media, you may as well not exist at all! Social media helps to reach your audience with less cost and effort, making your marketing more effective. Some examples of our social media marketing services: 

Set up and management of social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+)  • Facebook marketing • Instagram marketing • Twitter marketing • Social media campaigns • Advertising on social media • Selling on social media • Social media audit • Social media strategy

Digital Marketing

In a world where everything is becoming more and more digital it makes sense to invest in your company’s digital presence. Digital marketing helps your company keep the pace with the latest trends and stay in the picture in the fast changing world. Some examples of our digital marketing services:

Google My Business page set-up and management • Search engine marketing • E-mail marketing • Newsletters • Creation and management of landing pages


It’s difficult to underestimate the value of a brand for a business. To get the maximum value out of your brand, it needs a conscious and strategical management. Some examples of our branding services:

Company branding from a simple logo design to a full scale brand identity • Startup branding (MVB – Minimum Viable Brand) • Brand audit • Brand research • Emotional brand strategy • Brand experience analysis and optimization

Service Design

Services need design as much as products do. Service design means designing the customer journey and experience from the very first touch point to repeated purchases. Excellence in customer experience is the best way to build strong customer relationships and drive real loyalty. Some examples of our service design services:

Creation of service design concept • Customer journey and customer experience analysis and design • Experiential marketing


Good design gives brands and businesses personality and makes them more attractive and desirable for their target audiences. Great design draws attention and creates emotions. Some examples of our design services:

Social media banners and ads design • Design of smaller brochures, folders and other marketing collateral • Business card design • Logo design

Marketing Research

Marketing research is the foundation to marketing strategy, helping to make well informed and well judged decisions. Marketing research is the feedback to what is already working and what is not and what could be done better. Some examples of our services in marketing research:

Customer satisfaction surveys • NPS (Net Promoter Score) • Brand research (awareness, preferences) • Competition analysis • Observations • Brand audit • Social media audit


Marketing strategy is one part of overall business strategy and it’s goal is to strategically plan different marketing activities for achieving the overall business goals. Some examples of our services regarding strategy:

Marketing strategy and marketing plan • Social media strategy • Strategy consulting

Flexible marketing management service for small businesses and startups

Not exactly sure what services your business needs? No worries, go with our flexible subscription based marketing management service instead. You set the budget and we'll cater the right services for your needs.

About Us

We’re a small online branding and marketing agency founded in 2017. Creative, bold and ambitious, we strive to help startups and small businesses in their marketing activities, to help them raise their value proposition through design, marketing and branding that drives attention, creates emotions and generates value. In Estonia and worldwide.

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